Almonte Gravel Express

The Almonte Gravel Express is a 90% gravel route on the edge of the Lanark Highlands near Almonte, Ontario. With tons of gravel roads, unmaintained roads, ATV trails, hydro-cut and some singletrack, this route is perfect for those looking to get out for a one-day ride, stay off the pavement as much as possible and have a good ‘ole time in a beautiful piece of the Ottawa Valley. This route is the perfect mini-adventure as it has all the key aspects to a quality bikepacking route such as the Canadian Shield routes.

  • Gravel roads: As with most routes so close to civilization, it can be quite the challenge to avoid pavement. This route gives you a massive amount of gravel to crush.
  • Rail trail: Have a chance to relax as you ride on the OVRT for 10km and enjoy the crushed gravel trail.
  • Hydro-cut and ATV trails: These will challenge your mindset and willpower, as they continuously go from fast and flowy to really route and chunky.
  • Unmaintained roads: This route will take you through several unmaintained roads, which have an even mid of beauty and challenge.
  • Rivers and lakes: This route will take you along lakes and rivers for nearly the entire day, giving you ample places to stop for a rest or swim.

Recommended bike: For this route, a gravel bike is all you need to have an amazing day. You can definitely use a mountain bike if that is all you have.

  • Fresh water everywhere: Lots of lakes and creeks to fill up your water bottles. Be sure to carry a water filter or purification tablets.
  • Restaurants/Cafes/Bars: The best food options when it comes to restaurants will be in Almonte, Pakenham, and in the town of Clayton.
This route was created by:

Chris Panasky, host of the Bikepack Adventures Podcast.

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