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Panorama Cycles

Panorama Cycles
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Panorama Cycles is an independent bicycle company based in Canada, dedicated to backcountry cyclists, those who prefer gravel, snow and off-road trails.

Launching their first fatbike in 2016, Panorama has developed a name for themselves in the N. American market as a company focused on creating quality bikes with the aim of environmental sustainability.

I am beyond excited to have the opportunity to ride their bikes for my adventures in the coming years.

Redshift sports

Redshift Sports
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I have been using RedShift Sports products since I first purchased my gravel bike in 2020, as it came with the Shockstop suspension stem and I added the Dual-position seatpost. After a year of riding them and not being able to imagine life without these two amazing pieces of gear, I reached out to Alex at RedShift Sports and they offered to partner up with me.

This partnership has been a true blessing and I can say without a doubt that they make some amazing products. I can’t guarantee you will love everything they make, but I have a pretty good feeling you will.

Tailfin Bikepacking Equipment

Tailfin Cycling, a maker of technical bikepacking equipment, has been making waves in the bikepacking community for several years now, having stepped outside the conventional boundaries of bikepacking equipment to find unique solutions that make the bikepacking experience all the better.

Whether a ultra-distance road racer, bike tourer, bikepacker or endurance racer, these bags offer solutions for everyone. I'm extremely pleased to be a part of the R&D Division of Tailfin, to represent them on all my adventures and to have them supporting the podcast.

Raceday Fuel

Raceday Fuel
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Raceday Fuel is one of the newest partners of the Bikepack Adventures podcast. Raceday Fuel is a Canadian distributor of sports nutrition products and I am very happy to have the chance to work in collaboration with them.

They distribute many products you are sure to know, such as Brix, Nuun, Untapped and Scratch Labs, as well as other sport related products such as DZ Nutz chamois creme and Thinksport Sunscreen.

I’m looking forward to trying some new flavours of their excellent products.

Monton Sports Canada

Monton Canada
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Monton Sports Canada is the newest sponsor of the Bikepack Adventures Podcast. Monton clothing and accessories provide exceptional performance and comfort at a fraction of the cost of what the bigger companies are selling their products for. Made with the same attention to detail and quality, Monton Sports Canada is aiming to make your cycling experience as enjoyable as possible.

I look forward to our continued adventures together.

Brockton Cyclery

Brockton Cyclery
Brockton Cyclery, a bike shop located in Toronto, Canada, is passionate about bike touring and bikepacking. To the Brockton crew, bike travel is an essential part of life, and they strive to share that passion with members of the greater bicycle community.

As long-time listeners, I was thrilled to partner up with Brockton and to have had them help build up my previous bike. While not the most noticeable sponsor, they keep me rolling and I would be lost without them.
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