King to Brockton

King to Brockton is a challenging 200km mixed surface ride in Southwestern Ontario starting at the King City Go Station and ending at Brockton cyclery in Toronto. It was initially designed by Theo Kelsey-Verdecchia as a training ride for the BT700 Bikepacking race as it borrows a few small sections from the BT route.

The route was designed to make it easy for city folks to get out for a big day (or two) as easily as possible by utilizing the Go Train service, avoiding the need for a vehicle. It can easily be modified to end at the Go Station as well, making for a shorter day that still takes riders through the best of the route.  

As it was designed as a training route, the route can be described as challenging, especially if attempted in one day. The route includes a healthy amount of climbing, some of which you will have to walk no matter what bike you’re on. An abundance of fun, flowy singletrack mixed in with beautiful gravel and dirt farm roads makes up for all the tough parts and you will be sure to find yourself smiling as much as you are cursing as you grind away in your granny gear.

If you have any questions about the route you can reach out to Theo on instagram @theokelsey_. Happy trails!

  • Go train access: This route starts at King Station and finishes in downtown Toronto at Brockton Cyclery
  • Gravel roads: Mono Hills gravel roads just outside Toronto
  • Tough Climbs: Some big gravel climbs
  • Singletrack: Glen Haffy Conservation Park & Palgrave Forest and Wildlife Area
  • Dirt farm roads: Explore the local farm lands

This route can be ridden with any gravel or mountain bike.

  • Hotels: Lots of small towns with accommodations to check out.
  • Campgrounds: There are a couple campgrounds between New Tecumseth and Primrose, not too far from the actual trail
  • Wild camping: Wild camping options can be found in the provincial parks and nature reserves. Camp at your own risk.
  • Fresh water: Not too many freshwater locations throughout the route, but you may find the occasional stream where you can fill up. Lots of churches around you may be able to fill up at.
  • Restaurants/Cafes/Bars: The majority of the route has ample access to quality food options.
This route was created by:

Theo Kelsey-Verdeccia.

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