North of Seven 770

For those seeking the true spirit of adventure, there is a line that makes its way north of Hwy 7 and east towards the mighty Ottawa River. This is a line that snakes its way across the Canadian Shield, following a labyrinth of old logging roads from years past, along meandering rivers and down backcountry ATV trails through the heart of the unsuccessfully settled Ontario North. Throughout the route riders are immersed in Canadian history as they roll past lands that the forests have reclaimed from settlers of old.

Spanning over 750km in distance and best suited for a duration of 5 – 8 days, this is one of the most diverse, adventurous bikepacking routes in Ontario. Camping can be split between provincial park campgrounds, private campgrounds, inns and crown land. There are plenty of food sources along the way with a mix of restaurants, general stores and breweries scattered across the length of the route. Water can be found almost anywhere with a water filter. This route can be easily tackled on a mixed surface gravel bike with 38c tires, 42s are best suited due to the nature of the off-road sections.

  • Canadian Shield: A rugged, rocky, mountainous region in Canada, the Canadian Shield will provide untold beauty and challenge to all riders.
  • Logging Roads: Logging roads will take you into the most remote parts of Ontario. They generally bypass towns and keep you out of civilization.
  • Lakeside camping: There will be no shortage of lakes to find a place to pitch your tent, have a swim, and celebrate a good day of riding with friends.
  • Calabogie Lake: A beautiful lake surrounded by some pretty daunting hills and unmaintained roads.
  • Best time to ride: Ideal seasonal ride time is August to October
  • Parking: Secure Overnight parking is available for free in King Street Parking Garage in Peterborough. Parking is free on weekends and after 7pm on weekdays.
  • Don’t underestimate the terrain: Expect mild ATV trail, gravel roads
  • Last minute prep: Before heading out be sure to stop at Wild Rock Outfitters for last minute gear needs or bike service
  • Mountain Bike: A mountain bike would be unnecessary for this route, but if it is all you have, it can definitely do the job.
  • Gravel Bike: If using a gravel/cross bike with 700 wheels, you’ll find the route easier to navigate with fatter tires, say a width of 40 or larger.
  • Setup: Run tubeless if possible. You can use bikepacking style bags or old-fashioned panniers. A lighter set-up allows of easier riding, especially in the hillier sections.

A good night’s sleep can be found in provincial park campgrounds, private campgrounds, inns and crown land.

  • Fresh water everywhere: This part of Ontario is liberally covered in lakes and rivers. These are all great locations to fill up water bottles. Be sure to always use a water filter or purification tablets to avoid getting sick. There are also water taps near the areas with camping where you can fill up.
  • Restaurants/Cafes/Bars: This route passes through many towns where there is opportunity for a hot meal or to resupply your snacks. Make sure to pay close attention to which sections of the route lack resupply options and make sure to stock provisions.
This route was created by:

Justin Ross, Kieran Andrews and Brayden McGregor

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