Trouble in Tremblant

This ride is called Trouble in Tremblant for a reason. Not only is it going to kick your ass with massive climbs as you weave your way through the Mont Tremblant Park, there are also very limited opportunities to re-supply once you leave the comforts of the Mont Tremblant ski resort. The ride starts right at the entrance to the Mont Tremblant ski resort village where you will have a chance for a photo before it all begins. It’s also a great place to have a last minute coffee.

  • Mont Tremblant single-track: One truly amazing part of this route is being able to ride the single-track in the region. These trails take you up to amazing viewpoints with even more amazing descents.
  • Remote hiking trails: Some parts of this route take you onto hiking trails which may require you to hike-a-bike if it is too steep, rocky, etc.
  • Mont Tremblant Provincial Park: The majority of the route is spent going through the Mont Tremblant Provincial Park. There is a daily access fee. Most of this region will be outside of cell range, so plan accordingly.
  • Getting off the grid: Use this time off the grid to disconnect from your everyday life and become one with nature.

Prepare accordingly: When going off the grid, ensure that you tell your loved ones where you are going and how long you plan to be gone. It may also be prudent to have some form of satellite communication device.

  • Recommended Bike: For this route, you will most definitely want to use a mountain bike. There is a lot of single-track, lots of rough trails and lots of climbing.
  • Recommended tire size: I’d recommend 2.6″ or bigger tires in order to be as comfortable as possible throughout the ride and provide as much traction as possible on the climbs.
  • Leaving Mont Tremblant Village you almost immediately start on a bunch of single-track as you head south towards Devil’s River and ride a ton of local trails,  before heading east into the Domaine Saint Bernard where you will ride for a few kilometres as you make your way East.
  • After exiting the Domain Saint Bernard, you are going to have to ride some pavement as you make your way towards Val-des-Lacs, where you will begin a tough climb up to the highest point of the route at an elevation of 732m. This section will definitely include some hike-a-bike and really test your level of determination as you make your way up the Sentier National (National Trail) towards the top of Montagne Blanche. After reaching the high-point, prepare for nearly 20km of downhill as you make your way down to Lac Archambault.
  • If another big tough hike is something you are keen to do, you can make a detour to the Liberator crash sight and to the summit of Black Mountain. Otherwise you will continue east past the south end of Ouareau Lake before turning north and going into Saint-Donat-de-Montcalm, where you will have a chance to ride a bunch of local trails and stock up on supplies before going off the grid.
  • 15km after leaving Saint-Donat you will reach Mont-Tremblant Provincial Park where you will need to pay a daily fee of $9. Either makes sure to bring small bills, or pay online before losing cell phone service. A couple km later you will begin a steep tough climb up to Lac Cassagne along a tough trail, before jumping onto a slightly bigger trail and heading back in the opposite direction on the other side of the stream as you start the north-bound journey on the Parc Recreatif du Mont Tremblant.
  • You will pass many beautiful camping areas as you go south around the Lac aux Rats and continue the northern heading along the gravel roads of Mont Tremblant Provincial Park. The next 80km will have you riding through the Park’s back roads as you make your way West.
  • Reaching the Village de Labelle, you finally have reached civilization and have a chance to get some food, coffee or beer, before heading back into Mont Tremblant Park for the last 40km as you circle around the Mont Tremblant ski resort, following trails, paved roads and a massive 3km climb just 10km before the end. Once you crest that last climb, it’s all downhill until the end.
  • This route is in the region of Mont Tremblant Provincial Park and is quite remote and off the beaten path.
  • Hotels: Mont Tremblant, Saint Donat, Labelle
  • Campgrounds: There are few campgrounds to camp at on this route
  • Wild camping: Mont Tremblant Provincial Park is a large park with plenty of options for wild camping for the night. Please follow “leave no trace” practices and be aware that wild camping is at your own risk.
  • Fresh water everywhere: There are many lakes and rivers throughout the Mont Tremblant Provincial Park. Be sure to use a water purification system, whether tablet or filter.
  • Restaurants/Cafes/Bars: Aside from Saint Donat, there are not too many places to resupply food stores once you leave Tremblant Village. Be sure to stock up on food and snacks.

Average Physical Difficulty – 8

Although not the longest route, Trouble in Tremblant is exactly as the name states. At 300km, it is extremely physically demanding and will provide ample challenge, particularly if riding the route at a faster pace. The route starts with a lot of singletrack, big gravel climbs and hike-a-bike much of the riding at a difficulty of 8-9. Once you enter the Mont Tremblant Provincial Park, the majority of riding will be on unmaintained back-country roadways, which may challenge you with loose gravel, punchy climbs and lack of resupply. Much of this will be in the range of 6-7 on the difficulty scale.

Average Technical Difficulty – 7

The Trouble in Tremblant route is littered with singletrack, big climbs, forest tracts and back-country roads. While some parts are more relaxed and not as difficult to ride, there is enough technical riding to merit a higher-than-average technical rating.

This route was created by:

Chris Panasky, host of the Bikepack Adventures Podcast.

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